Studio Kit

The studio consists of a 3.5 meter-high green infinity wall (with white, black and grey paperbackdrops) which can be colour to match your intended background, so full body shoots with 3 or 4 people in a controlled space can be easily achieved.
Four wall mounted arms allow lights, sound boards or reflectors to be place in a free standing environment for positioning or mounting. We have a small (100 x 200cm) infinity product table for small products that need additional setup and lighting.  Equipped with four Bowen 500’s, one large octagon softbox, two large and one small square softboxes and a large beauty dish. A selection of reflectors, umbrellas and triggers.
We have a set of three Arris (650) and two Diva Strip Lite's (400)  for continuous video light, set of colour and green chroma key gels. An additional set of three continuous lights (550) are available if more light is needed. We have two large white reflector/acoustic boards and two small square boards for reflecting light or absorbing sound. There is a small section for hair and makeup.  Studio comes with free wifi, car parking, coffee, tea and water.